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Geri-Tel Has a Mix of Services and Solutions for Your Biggest IT Headaches

When IT network infrastructure and communication projects go well, everyone high fives. When they fail, everyone points fingers. Make sure no one points at you. 


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There are many ways to meet your organization’s IT needs,

Geri-Tel’s approach is unique. We’ll work side by side with your team to tackle every challenge, or take it on ourselves if that suits your needs.

Our account team will meet with you to learn about your business and technology needs to identify any immediate areas of focus. There’s never a hard sell and if we can’t offer solutions to your challenges, we’ll let you know.

If there’s a fit, we’ll recommend the right mix of services and technology solutions to address your short and long-term needs. For us, technology isn’t the only consideration. We look closely at your strategic business goals when making recommendations

We will assign you a team of experts to partner with you throughout the installation, training and maintenance processes. You’ll always have a person you can contact directly for questions, guidance and expertise.

We’ll meet with you regularly to discuss progress, analyze data, and make additional recommendations. Unlike a one-and-done systems integrator, we’re your partner that will be there for your team as long as you need us.

Our approach is unique





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